TEACH Services, Inc. strives to produce and distribute Adventist materials that point readers to Christ.

“Let the publications containing Bible truth be scattered like the leaves of autumn.”
– E.G.White, In Heavenly Places, P.323

It is this goal that inspired the start of our Books for Missions program in 2011. Books for Missions allows individuals or groups to sponsor shipments of books to church and conference-verified missions. Over the years, we have shipped books to Cape Town, South Africa to assist with outreach, Maluti Hospital in Lesotho, and supported outlying school libraries.

One such mission is the Fiwagoh Mission Orphanage and School. The Mission’s director Benson Nganga was orphaned at the young age of nine. He knows that he is alive today because of God’s love and protection over him and his siblings. The mission grew from a promise he made to God to adopt a child into his family and give back what the Lord had given him. God, however had bigger plans for Benson.

Today the Fiwagoh Mission sits on 20 acres and is home to 260 children, a trade school, staff housing, dorms, a dining hall with guest quarters, greenhouses, and gardens. This self-supported Adventist mission provides schooling, lay ministry outreach training, and practical trades education, such as gardening and printing so that they can be self-supporting when adults. Benson and his wife Florence are dedicated, faithful, and strive to continue God’s work through the education, as well as the food and clothing they provide for orphaned and poor children from nearby villages.

Fiwagoh Mission has a great need for books at various levels of education and subjects. E.G. White writings and other Adventist material are in great demand. This demand is what connected Fiwagoh Mission and TEACH Services. In the summer of 2014 TEACH helped arrange the first shipment of books to Fiwagoh Mission. However, the demand for the printed materials continues to be great. Late last year Benson stopped by our offices in Ft. Oglethorpe, GA and hand selected 22,420 books that totaled $197,815. TEACH has donated $180,000 toward this project, leaving only $17,815 for the orphanage to raise.

It is in faith that we share this matter with you- praying that you will be inspired to help this mission further God’s work in Kenya.

To learn more about the orphanage and its work, please visit www.fiwagohmissions.org or www.thefiwagohorphanageministries.org

To review the current fundraising go to gf.me/u/mgidn