Ellen White connects the work of Adventist Education with the Three Angels’ Messages in the statement:

“The third angel is represented as flying in the midst of the heavens, showing that the message is to go forth throughout the length and breadth of the earth. It is the most solemn message ever given to mortals, and all who connect with the work should first feel their need of an education, and a most thorough training process for the work, in reference to their future usefulness; and there should be plans made and efforts adopted for the improvement of that class who anticipate connecting with any branch of the work,” — Christian Education, p. 45

Heritage Academy’s goal is to provide all students with the opportunity to develop a Christian character in a supportive Christian school environment. While at Heritage, students develop skills in our various ministry opportunities including: literature evangelism, Bible work, video production, disaster response, music ministry, and mission aviation. Students develop practical skills in a number of vocational areas including: vehicle maintenance, construction, cooking, agriculture, and office work to name a few.

Students share their faith through literature evangelism ministry. The students work with video production in daily worships that are live streamed to the Internet. In addition to this, Heritage Academy students train other schools in disaster response. Since 2005, the school has been active in over 40 disaster situations. All of these are elements of character education

Ellen White underscores the importance of character education:

“Character building is the most important work ever entrusted to human beings; and never before was its diligent study so important as now. Never was any previous generation called to meet issues so momentous; never before were young men and young women confronted by perils so great as confront them today.” — Education p. 225

The Three Angels’ Message is to be carried to the world by those who bear in their own person the character of Christ. “The world today is in crying need of a revelation of Christ Jesus in the person of his saints. God desires that his people shall stand before the world a holy people. Why? — Because there is a world to be saved by the light of gospel truth; and as the message of truth that is to call men out of darkness into God’s marvelous light, is given by the church, the lives of its members, sanctified by the Spirit of truth, are to bear witness to the verity of the messages proclaimed.” —Review and Herald, March 31, 1910

Because of robust academic achievements, demonstrated in high GPA’s and high ACT scores, as well as demonstrated leadership abilities Heritage Academy students receive substantial scholarships. For example, scholarships for the thirteen graduates of the class of 2016 were just under $500,000; and scholarships for the twelve graduates of 2017 totaled over $1,200,000.

For many families, the scholarships for their students exceeded the total amount that they paid to Heritage Academy during the entire time they spent as students here. Additionally, a number of these graduates received college credit through the dual enrollment program. One student of the class of 2016, and two students of the class of 2017 received full four-year scholarships to Adventist Universities.

Heritage Academy continues to work to prepare youth who will be able to stand for truth though the heavens fall—youth who will be masters of circumstances and not victims of them. A generation who will stand like Daniel.